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Since becoming an au pair and doing a few take overs for instagram accounts, I have been asked loads of questions! In this blog post I want to answer the ones that I get most often – I am not saying I am an expert on the topic but, I am hoping this will help in some way.

So this post is different…

I have been wanting to do this post for a really long time and I didn’t know how to format it. It was a lot of information to type, and also a lot of information to read. So i decided to make a video…. *cringing right now*

I really don’t like watching myself on camera and my editing skills are probably as good as a 5 year olds with all the technology nowadays. So I kind of knew I wanted to make a video but I really had to push myself to actually record it. It was weird to talk to a camera i’ll tell you that much.

Without further ado…. this is a video about my 10 top asked questions!

I hope you liked it! And I also hope that it helped you on your au pair journey 💕


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