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Welcome to my blog! I will be talking about all things au pair related and traveling. I hope you will join me through all of my adventures.

After graduating from college and working a few years I decided to completely turn my life around and sign up for the au pair program. It has always been a distant dream of mine and I thought… ‘If I don’t do it now I never will.’ And here I am.

In this blog I want to write about all the unanswered questions that I had, and am going to have as an au pair. What to do in certain situations and to document the journey. Read more about why I wanted to start this blog.

Traveling is one of my great hobbies, I enjoy exploring new cultures and especially trying out local foods! This will also be an element that I add to the blog. Especially about traveling on a budget and by yourself.

The main topics I will be writing about are;

  • Being an Au Pair in America
  • Kids activities
  • My favorite recipes

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